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What Is PBMconcepts?

PBMconcepts is a publisher of Project Business Management books ... check out their website at

Information about our company

Our service philosophy is based on feel the objectives set by companies or organizations in every activity we undertake with them as their own, focusing us on support to achieve an effective value gain according to its definition and business vision.

We support the growth and development from a strategic perspective, using a model that allows you to combine project management, financial management and risk management tools, supported on a system of management of information whose focus is to facilitate timely, feasible and appropriate decision-making.

PMI Organizational Project Management Community of Practice (OPM CoP)

The PMI Organizational Project Management Community of Practice (OPM COP) targets a newly recognized and still evolving area of project management. It provides a forum for discussion and support for topics on Organizational Project Management (OPM). OPM is the area of business that provides a way for business to determine what investments it will make in a portfolio representing “projectized activities” that support the organization in achieving its strategic objectives.

The purpose of this site is to support a community of professionals interested in understanding the benefits of being aligned with the organization purpose and strategy for achieving business goals through the use of projects.

This site will also support a community of professionals interested in the space between projects and business operations, developing an understanding of how projects further the business strategy.

The goal is to create knowledge and learning about the interfaces among projects, programs and portfolios, and how they help businesses achieve their purpose.

This community is completely volunteer-driven. Our team of global volunteers include professionals with senior level experience in business operations, project/portfolio management & consulting, project management training & publishing, and change management leadership across various business sectors.

Velociteach is passionate about furthering the discipline of project management. They believe that every project manager, every team member, and every stakeholder on every project deserves the best and most up-to-date knowledge, practices, and skills. Better project management always leads to better results. Better is what we want, not only for our students, but also for our company.

They have found that their students are passionate about better results as well. After every class, they get enthusiastic emails and evaluations, telling them of their success. Tehy cheer every student’s achievement, whether it’s a passing score on the PMP® exam or an immediate improvement on an ongoing project as a student applies new insight gleaned from our class. Our students’ successes are what make us better, too.

Velociteach project management courses lead the industry in quality and results. Let them show you why they are Better.
The Crosswind philosophy from inception has been to help people and businesses advance via project management.

As they grow the profession of project management via the PMP Certification and project management knowledge and skills, the emphasis of Crosswind has been to help people become better project managers, not just PMPs.
Project Management Institute (PMI)