PMO Case Studies


Project Business Management Structure
Today’s business world is rife with competition, corporate downsizing, and business restructuring, and corporations are under increasing pressure to implement the best practices of project management.

While the benefits of Enterprise-Wide Project Management (EPM) are legion, and have been proven to save companies both money and time, many leaders have found themselves overwhelmed by the challenge of coordinating the efforts of their teams with the vision, mission, and business objectives of the entire organization. The  Project Business Management Office (PBMO), lies at the core of implementing successful company-wide project management.

DLB Associates, LLC provides the information and tools necessary for building a Project Business Management Center of Excellence.  Establishing a PBMO will enable a company to:
· Marshall resources for projects directly aligned with corporate strategic goals by establishing a project portfolio management system
· Establish project authorization and initiation processes
· Institute a methodology to manage all programs and projects
· Develop training and educational programs
· Establish project readiness reviews and lessons learned processes
· Implement project planning and execution processes
· Develop project performance reporting and project closure processes
· Set up post-project review, outcome documentation, and evaluation of results

DLB Associates, LLC can help you bring together everything you will need to create a PBMO in your organization.  Using this approach will enable you to start reaping the benefits and value that Project Business Management can deliver to all your company's endeavors.