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Dennis Bolles Presentation
The files on the left are those I promised to send to you at the end of my presentation.
They are:
1. Presentation - PDF
2. Presentation Paper - PDF
3. Zip file with three templates:
     a) Program-Project Profile - DOC
     b) Potential Impact Study - DOC
     c) Objective - Selection Criteria Tool -DOC

Please feel free to explore the rest of my website and download any of the other presentations or papers
Presentation Paper
Three Templates
PMI PMOSIG Global PMO Local Interest Group (PMOLIG) Program
The PDF file on the left is a presentation of a new program I am developing in my capacity as the PMI PMOSIG Board of Directors Vice Chair of Public Relations.

The PMOLIG Program is being formed to provide a means to network PMO groups within five regions of the world. The purpose of the program is to enable members to share knowlege, experiences, processes, procedures, tools, and templates. The goal of the program is to preovide the means for expanding the best practices of developing, managing and sustaining PMO's in various industries, governmental, and non-profit organizations world-wide.

A PMOLIG is a geograhically, member-centric affiliation of PMOSIG members comprised of PMI Chapter PMO groups, Business PMO Groups, and other PMO Local Interest Groups who are interested in networking with other PMO groups within there region as well as with groups world-wide.
Presentation Photos
JPG photos pasted into a MS Word table of the Greek Congress audience and some of me in action.