This valuable reference developed by the PMI® Program Management Office Specific Interest Group (PMOSIG) provides practical guidance to the project management and PMO community on a variety of topics in the areas of: PMO strategic and tactical management, PMO governance and services, PMO set-up and execution, and PMO performance and maturity. The PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook features insightful contributions from more than 20 subject matter experts, successful practitioners, distinguished authors and thought-leaders with a variety of backgrounds and experiences from around the world. It is a desk reference that you won’t want to be without.

Key Features:

  • Discusses the various types of PMOs and illustrates the valuable roles they play
  • Provides practical strategies, methods, insights, case studies and thought-leadership to serve the needs of government organizations and private sector enterprises of any size
  • Presents best practices for successfully aligning PMOs to business strategies and objectives, and for delivering planned benefits including return-on investment
  • Supplies project, program and portfolio PMO practitioners with numerous proven tools, policies, procedures, standards, and processes for successfully developing, managing and sustaining PMOs and for expanding their scope of services
  • Offers a collection of easy-to-adapt templates for PMO leaders, including resources to support establishing and enhancing the PMO—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at

Dennis Bolles, PMOSIG Vice-Chair, Public Relations developed the Global PMOLIG Program describe on this webpage.  If you would like more information about the program please email him at .

The PMO moves beyond simply directing project and program work.  More broadly, the PMOSIG views the PMO as a strategic driver for organizational excellence and seeks to provide products and services that enhance the practices of execution management, organizational governance, and strategic change leadership.  As the largest virtual community devoted to the PMO and one of the largest chartered specific interest groups of the Project Management Institute, with over 4,000 members globally, we are uniquely positioned to serve a broad global audience and look forward to providing unparalleled service and value for our members in the areas of execution management, organizational governance, and strategic change leadership as well enabling our members to collaborate, build knowledge, and extend the reach of the PMO within their own organizations and the business community at large. 

Connect to the PMOISG Website at or contact the Vice Chair of Public Relations at
What is a PMO Forum?     

PMO Forum  is a professional group formed by PMI Chapter members or business groups who share an Interest in Program/Project/Portfolio Management Offices, located withiin five geographic regions around the world. A PMO Forum provides the opportunity for its members to participate in regular meetings for the discussion of topics relevant to the setup, functioning and operation of Program/Project/Portfolio Management Offices.

The PMO Forum is an affiliate of PMI Chapters and provides an organization structure usually associated with a PMI Chapter, within a localized geographic area, for Program/Project/Portfolio Management Offices professionals to share knowledge and experiences relevant to the setup and operation of a PMO within organizations.  PMO Forums are always associated with local PMI© Chapters and or business PMO groups where PMI Chapters do not exist. 

What is a PMO Forum Network?

On a regional level, the PMO Forum Network, is a PMOSIG/P3MO CoP program establsihed to facilitate virtual and face-to-face networking opportunities for local PMO Forum members.   In conjunction with thePMOSIG/P3MO CoP, the PMO Forums play an important role in fostering community amongst PMI and PMOSIG/P3MO CoP members. Five Regional Directors have been appointed who report to the PMOSIG Vice-Chair, Public Relations are responsible for managing the development and implementation of the PMO Forum Network Prorgam within their regions.  These five directors have in turn appointed Regional Coordinators who have the responsibility to contact the PMI Chapters and business groups within their areas of responsibility to help them establish a PMO Forum group.

The PMOSIG Vice-Chair, Public Relations is working with PMI HQ to develop the roles, responsibilities, processes, and procedures for a collaboration between PMI HQ and the future P3MO Community of Practice (P3MO-CoP) PMO Forum Network (PFN) Program that will be focused on PMI Chapters or business groups to support them in developing PMO Forum groups.

PMO Forum Network Presentation that describes in detail the purpose and organization structure of this program developed by me as the PMOSIG Vice-Chair of Public Relations.  The program organization was developed starting in August 2009 and was officially launched in February 2010.  The number of regional coodinators continues to increase on a regular balsis.