PMO Case Study Submittal


Please complete the following information to enable me to keep in touch with new developments.  This information will not be distributed to anyone and will be kept in the strictest confidence. You will receive a compiled PMO Case Study report once you return the completed survey.
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The information contained in the survey is based on 34 questions that are organized into three phases of establishing a PMO:

  • Phase One: Obtain Approval For The PMO (13 questions).
  • Phase Two: Assess The Current Situation (19 questions).
  • Phase Three: Document The PMO Design (2 questions).

The survey responses have been compiled into a summary report organized into five categories, with a number of topics in each category being cross-referenced to the 34 questions.

  1. General Information (8 topics)
  2. Concept Approval (12 topics).
  3. PM Knowledge (5 topics).
  4. PM Capability, Commitment and Training (9 topics).
  5. Staff Salaries (2 topics).

The following is a breakdown of the categories and topics that comprise the PMO Case Studies Summary Report:

1.     General Information

  • Product / Service
  • Sales Volume
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Concurrent Projects (Q#12)
  • Number of Annual Total Projects (Q#12)
  • Types of Projects (Q#13)
  • PMO Staffing (Full Time and Part Time) (Q#33)
  • Self Estimate of PM Maturity Level (Q#32)
  • Concept Approval Issues
  • PMO Driving Force (Q#1)
  • PMO Start Date (Q#2)
  • Position In Organization (Q#3)
  • PMO Leaders Title (Q#3)
  • PMO Reports To (Q#3)
  • PMO Coverage (Q#4)
  • PMO Challenges (Q#5)
  • Successes (Q#6)
  • Failures (Q#7)
  • Lessons Learned (Q#8)
  • Resistance Level and Source (Q#9)
  • Resistance Solutions (Q#9)

3.     PM Knowledge

  • PMO Champion (Q#10)
  • Immediate Process Needs (Q#14)
  • Organizational PM Knowledge (Q#16)
  • PM Selection Criteria (Q#17)
  • Corp. PM Policies (Q#18)

4.     PM Capability, Commitment and Training

  • PM Process Capability (Q#19)
  • Commitment to PM (Q#20)
  • PM Training Capability (Q#21)
  • Commitment to PM Training (Q#22)
  • PM Job Descriptions (Q#25)
  • PM Technical Infrastructure (Q#27)
  • Information Technical Infrastructure (Q#28)
  • Process Audit (Q#29)
  • Documented PM Processes (Q#31)

5.     Staff Salaries

  • Software Tools Used (Q#30)
  • Staffing Salaries (Q334)
  •    1) Function Title
  •    2) Low Level
  •    3) High Level
  •    4) Bonus
  •    5) Comments