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AMACOM January 2007

The Power of Enterprise-wide Project Management
by Dennis L. Bolles and Darrel G. Hubbard

In today's global market executives in companies, regardless of industry and size, are looking to improve their management systems and processes to become more competitive. One way they are doing this is by establishing project management as a core competency enterprise-wide within their organization. The list of organizations attempting to integrate project management disciplines and best practices into the way they manage their businesses is expanding daily; however, those who have succeeded in doing so is significantly smaller.

The Power of Enterprise Project Management serves as a straightforward guide for executives and senior managers to successfully establish project business management (PBM) as an integrative business function within forward thinking companies. The PBM methodology model developed in the book provides a simple easy to follow top-down hierarchically integrated blend of business oriented strategic, tactical, portfolio, program, and project planning and execution processes.

The book can be ordered on where you can find it by entering either authorís name (Dennis Bolles or Darrel Hubbard in the search box. Additional information can be found on the web site of DLB Associates, LLC at .

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management (Kindle)
by Dennis L. Bolles, Darrel G. Hubbard

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