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If a single book can penetrate the complexities of the modern corporation and describe the essential ingredients in establishing enterprise-wide project management, this is it. After presenting the compelling case for institutionalizing project management as a core business management competency, yet acknowledging it requires dedication and commitment over an extended period of time, Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard provide, in a straightforward step by step approach, the critical information the corporate leader needs to achieve world-class project management.

Hugh Woodward, PMP, PMI Fellow - Managing Editor, - Past Chairman, Project Management Institute

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management is a “must read” for leaders as well as project/program/portfolio managers in organizations who are serious about getting the most out of their limited project resources.  This book is the best I’ve seen to date in providing practical tools and methods for establishing a successful Enterprise Project Management Office.  Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard are two of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the industry…they’ve seen it all and they’ve done it all… the proof leaps out on every page of the book.  If your goal is to initiate the right projects at the right time and deliver the right results for your organization, this book is for you!

Dottie Nichols, USAF ret, PMP - Former PMI Standards Manager - Senior Manager, TNC Management Group

Dennis Bolles's and Darrel Hubbard's concept of project business management is one of the most practical organizational ideas I have ever seen. It effectively integrates project, program and portfolio management in a way most useful to anyone faced with today's pressing business problems. I was particularly impressed with the practical tone of the text and the many concrete, "how-to" tools offered, in stark contrast with books offering little more than theory and anecdotal examples. Speaking for myself and not for PMI, this book presents a useful roadmap for anyone establishing project management in an organization.

David Ross, PMP - Manager, Northrop Grumman - PMI Standards Project Manager - Program and Portfolio Management Standards

A new Challenge!! Project Management that was begun with the proposition to make a single project a success has finally developed to the core competency that plays a critical business function targeting the entire organization. The author now tackles head-on the new proposition as an initiative that top management should approach. A concept of “Project Business Management” and “Enterprise-wise Project Management Office (EPMO)” was created to address Project, Program, Portfolio, and related general management altogether. EPMO is the major topic, mainly talking about establishment and management of EPMO including specific How-to Information. Though this is the book to read for top management, those who are planning to introduce Project Management as well as ones aiming at further improvement of business functions never fail to read this book for establishing its goals. Now’s the time to make the difference!!!

Kazuo Shimizu - Director (Permanent), PMI Tokyo Chapter - “One of pioneering practitioners for Project Management in Japan”

There is not doubt that Project Management receives these days an increasing interest around the world within small, medium and large enterprises. This book is coming just in time to integrate all project management principles, processes, and practices inside an Enterprise and demonstrate all the power of Project Management when it is organized around a PO (Project office) or a PMO (Project Management Office) or an EPMO (Enterprise Programme Management Office), depending on Enterprise size. The “Project Business Management” (PBM)” term is also clearly setting the integrated link between Business and Project to improve significantly any kind of Business when developing Project Management best practices.   This book, will give you an opportunity to discover the key elements that need to be considered when starting to implement Project Management or when planning to improve Project Management performances throughout an Enterprise. Very valuable information are provided thru real experiences and case studies, to demonstrate the benefits of a well structured approach, and also to avoid pitfalls if you try to develop only a part of the recommendations. Excellent guidance and best practices are also documented in details to guide the reader directly to the keys for success in any level of his organisation. I would like to highlight the importance of PMCOE (Project Management Center of Excellence), continuous Project Management training, Project Management qualifications and certifications, PBM (Project Business Management)  As Programme Manager in a Large Company, I had the opportunity to implement and test all the aspects addressed in this very comprehensive book. Through my experience, I can confirm that when properly implemented, these recommendations are giving outstanding business results.

Jean-Claude Dravet, PMP - Founding President of PMI France-Sud Chapter JCD Conseil – President -


This book provides a wealth of information for the readers to functionally establish enterprise-wide project management processes and best practices in their organizations.   The presentation, which reflects the extensive experience of the authors, is comprehensive, practical and lucid.  Speaking for myself and not for NASA, JPL or Caltech, I would rate this book as excellent and invaluable to forward-looking organizations.

Dr. Peter T. Poon - Telecommunications and Mission Systems Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management is part of the growing recognition that the real value of most organizations is in their portfolio of projects.  The cost of goods sold is now the relative efficiencies, or lack thereof, of a company’s project management processes.  This book clearly and succinctly lays out an approach to move from simple one-off project management to enterprise-wide project optimization as a core business function.  The concept of Project Business Management will be this book’s enduring legacy, as it moves the ball forward in recognizing project management as one of the most important advances for business management in the last 50 years.  The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management needs to be in every PMP’s library, as well as required reading for anyone in the enterprise project management office. 

Douglas Clark - CEO and Founder, Métier, Ltd. - Holder of five patents in project portfolio management


This is a demonstration from someone who has done it more than once, a black belt in Building Project Management Centers of Excellence. With this intellectual capital also large and complex organizations can save a considerable amount of time and dollars. The guidelines speak for them selves, but the built in experience of mastering the difficulties and pitfalls is the real asset. If you have read the first book and got inspired, this is a must read book before takeoff.

Eric Stein, PMP - Nordic TPS PMO leader Global Technology Services, Delivery, Nordic IMT Certified Executive Project Manager

It was a pleasure reading Dennis Bolles’ and Darrel Hubbard's new book The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management. Although there are other books available on the topic, Dennis and Darrel offer a fresh perspective and covers the subject from a variety of interesting angles. This book has four main pillars: Governance describes how the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and related PMOs fits into the corporate organization. It also recognizes that the power of the EPMO comes from having a sponsor at the right level in the organization. Standardization describes the unique concept of “Project Business Management” (PBM) and the six key factors to successfully implementing PBM. Capability recognizes the human elements required for project management to be successful, including how to build competency in project management. Execution describes the how the EPMO puts it all in practice. Throughout the book, Dennis and Darrel also stress the practical side to setting up and running the EPMO, including templates, job descriptions, organization charts, flowcharts, survey feedback and many other visual references that supplement and reinforce the basic concepts.
Read this book and take advantage of the practical takeaways that can be utilized today. It is must reading for everyone interested in PMOs and successfully implementing project management within their organization.

Tom Mochal, PMP - President, TenStep, Inc. -Winner of the 2005 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award

In the book “The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management” Dennis has done it again with Darrel this time. They have mapped out a practical, useful, manageable approach to enterprise wide project management and how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) from it. As project management evolves as an industry detailed road maps like this book are priceless for successful implementations. Why not minimize the headaches and challenges, make the most of this book and make the most of project management implementation at your company. When my PMP® Alumni ask about books for rolling out project management at their companies, “The Power of Enterprise-Wide Project Management” is my first choice. It should be yours as well.

Tony Johnson, MBA, PMP - CEO & Founder - Crosswind Project Management, Inc. - Author of the PMP® Exam Success Series products

If you wish to buy just ONE book on Project Management, buy THIS book!

Dr.  Om P Kharbanda, `Peter Drucker of India' - Irnop, Sweden,  Mumbai, India 400026

Here it is!  Finally, one powerful book where you can learn everything you need to know about implementing enterprise-wide project management in your organization.  It describes how to set up the structure, including the often-missed links between internationally-recognized standards and business management as we practice it today.  I highly recommend any organization – one that is just starting to recognize the value to one who might be sharpening the processes already in place – exploit this book to discover usable solutions and practical applications.  Help your organization use enterprise-wide project management as a competitive advantage.  With the guidelines from these experienced authors, you can’t go wrong!

Dorothy Kangas, PMP, SCPM

This book provides a concise and to the point explanation of the process to establish and support enterprise-wide project management systems and initiatives.  For people who have been hesitating out of fear of the undertaking this book will alleviate their concerns.  Darrel and Dennis have done a great job of not only describing the value proposition behind enterprise- wide project management (EPM), but have provided a guide that can be used either in its entirety for those wanting a completely integrated solution as well as used in smaller increments for those who are testing the waters of EPM.  This book has a series of wonderful templates that are straightforward and easy to understand and implement.  Good job!

Cynthia Berg, MBA, PMP - Medtronic Microelectronic Center - Keller Graduate School of Management